Crisis Response Care FAQs

  • Crisis Response Care FAQs


    What is Crisis Response Care?

    What is Crisis Response Care?  Crisis Response Care is a resource designed for first responders, Chaplains and community volunteers to deepen their knowledge in the area of crisis response.  Our intention is to provide information from multiple sources in one place to assist them serving their communities.

    Where Can I Find the Care 911 Podcast? 

    Follow the link found on the Media page or search Care 911 podcast where ever you download podcasts.

    What type of information is available on CRC?


    • Overview of Crisis Response Training (CRT) offered by K-LOVE
    • Register option to CRT classes by location - The class list contains classes available for registration 90 days prior to class training
    • CRT Course Descriptions
            o  Grief Following Trauma  (GFT)
            o  Emotional & Spiritual Care in Disasters  (ESC)
            o  Individual & Group Crisis Intervention  (GRIN)
            o  Group Crisis Intervention  (GRP)
            o  Individual Crisis Intervention  (IND)
            o  Suicide Prevention  (SPIP)
            o Spiritual & Psychological First Aid  (SPFA)
    • List of current year upcoming CRT classes (PDF)
    • Testimonials of previous class registrants
    • Previous class videos of CRT training sessions to assist in the format and content of training


    • Links to organizations to volunteer your services in support of a disaster
    • Information about Emergency Planning & Disaster Preparedness
    • Toolkits and checklists to assist in support of a disaster


    • Links to organizations that provide services during a disaster and information about disaster preparedness
    • Links to support groups that provide services during a disaster
    • Submission of prayer requests to K-LOVE


    • Support videos and photos for First Responders (e.g. YouTube videos)
    • Various News Articles featuring First Responders, Emergency Services, Disaster Planning, etc.

    Other Features

    • Option to donate to K-LOVE’s CRC program and free CRT training
    • How to contact K-LOVE regarding CRC and CRT questions and support

    Technical Help or Don't see your question?

    Phone: 916-251-CARE (2273)


    How do I donate to CRC?

    We are able to provide the CRT training due to the generosity of donors who care and who have a passion to reinvest into their surrounding communities. This program really is about communities helping communities. 

    • More Information Before Donating:  If you would like to learn more about why donations for the CRT training are so important before registering, you can select the “Donate” button in the header of CRC.
    • Donate at CRT Class:  You may also submit a donation by writing a check while attending one of the CRT classes.

    K-LOVE is a 501 (c)3 organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.