Grief Following Trauma

  • Grief Following Trauma (GFT)

    Grief Following Trauma

    In the course of one's career, it is inevitable that professionals will encounter traumatic death and loss issues both personally and professionally. Professionals often feel ill prepared to provide effective care throughout the grief process.

    This course will cover key grief and loss concepts relating to trauma and traumatic death. Participants will increase their knowledge of how trauma impacts the grief process and will gain skills for evaluating and supporting persons who have experienced traumatic death and loss.

    Two-Day Course, 14 Contact Hours

  • What You Will Learn:

    • To identify types of traumatic events and the characteristics of trauma and grief.
    • To identify normal and pathological grief responses.
    • To describe factors that may help or hinder the traumatic grief process.
    • To perform essential skills for assisting grieving people including: death notification, preparing people for body identification, and effective support services.
    • To apply a practical application of the SAFER model to Rando’s theory of the grief process.
    • To review techniques for supporting grieving people and identify resources for linking them to continued care.

    Please Note: The content for this Crisis Response Training (CRT) workshop and/or presentations may include graphic or disturbing subject matter which may be emotionally distressing to some participants.  Participants are encouraged to leave the training at any point should they find the material excessively distressing.

    This curriculum is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered, or used as a substitute for, professional medical/psychological advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

    **The K-LOVE/Air1 Pastoral Care members will be available to participants during the class to discuss any adverse reactions to the presentation, should this occur.