Operational Stress First Aid

  • Course Description:

    Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA) is a unique program to teach psychological first aid to first responders and others who are susceptible to stress injury. The program was originally developed by Department t of Defense for the Marines is used to prevent, identify and treat stress problems caused by operations, critical events and personal or family crisis situations.

    The goal of OSFA is to build resiliency and awareness, and to keep personal fully functional.  The program also includes tools to assist leaders and personnel to take appropriate actions to restore personnel to full function and readiness when necessary.   

    The principles of this class are foundational to all psychological first aid and resources reference legitimate and credible crisis intervention organizations 

    In this class you will learn

    • Four sources of stress injury
    • Understand the operational stress continuum illustrated by 4 colors
    • Signs and symptoms of stress injury
    • Leadership functions  during stress
    • How to do an after action review
    • Understanding checklist to determine level of stress