Las Vegas Training

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    Central Church

    1001 New Beginnings Dr

    Henderson, NV 89011

    Instructor Bio:

    Rev. Dr. Naomi Paget BCC

    Crisis Interventionist - Board Certified Chaplain

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    Dr. Paget is a certified member of the American Red Cross Spiritual Response Team -Task Force and Divisional Advisor, Denver Seminary Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and Director of the California Disaster Relief Chaplain program.  She is a certified crisis chaplain, instructor and curriculum writer, awarded Fellowship in American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress /National Academy of Crisis Management, and is serving as the Chairman of the National-Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (National VOAD) Emotional/Spiritual Care Committee. Dr. Paget is a published author and ICISF Approved Instructor for many crisis and trauma courses, consulting for several national and international organizations in various fields of trauma and disaster care.

    Class Details:

    October 27th 9am-4pm – Psychological First Aid: Supporting Friends and Family through the Stress of Critical Incidents

    Critical events – traumatic events – happen. It has become almost commonplace. It happens close to us, and our family and friends are impacted in ways we can barely imagine. The support and encouragement we provide in the aftermath of these traumatic events matters – it helps the impacted person cope during the critical event and helps promote resilience and recovery in the days that follow.

    We all want to be helpful, but we often don’t know what to do or what to say. We don’t want to make it worse – we just want to be helpful.

    Healing and recovery are possible – you could be a part of that process. The human spirit is amazingly resilient –come learn how to encourage that resilience. Come learn how to help reduce stress, know what is essential support, and how to provide helpful moments of listening and caring.

    October 28th 9am-3pm – Compassionate Care During Traumatic Grief 

     Compassionate Care During Traumatic Grief

     We are becoming a nation of mourners as mass violence becomes so commonplace. We are experiencing traumatic grief as we experience unexpected loss. We are shocked, stunned, angry, fearful, and shattered. We feel vulnerable as our sense of security fades and helplessness increases. We grieve and mourn while we are traumatized by our losses.

     Survivors are changed as they experience post traumatic stress; and helpers are at a loss about how to be effective helpers. We are impatient to support those who have been impacted, but we are baffled about what might be helpful.

     From awareness to implementation – learn some practical things you can do to support those who have been impacted by critical events that result in death. Learn about traumatic grief and how to be a helpful friend or family member.