What Does Sacrifice Look Like?

  • What Does Sacrifice Look Like?

    By Didymus McHugh Correspondent

    There are many ways of sacrifice and for different reasons.

    When we join the fire service, we do not know all the sacrifice that we will be making. We sacrifice our time going to classes, time away from our loved ones, when we are on duty or get called in for extra duty of filling in for someone that banged out sick. We sacrifice money to help those in need, our talents helping rebuild communities that have been affected by fire or disasters that we have responded to.

    SacrificeA brother from Buffalo reminded me of all the sacrifices that a single parent makes. A single mother that raises her children on her own and also working a full time job. How many of us make the sacrifies for our children? How about our families sacrifiing us, so that we can serve others? Or sacrificing what we want for our children? I know that many times in families, some of the parents may go without some meals, so that there children can eat three meals a day. I have seen senior citizens eating cat food, so that they had money to pay for their medication.

    We know that also part of the job may be put in the time for the citizens or a brother but why do we do it? What is the underlying reason that we are ready to sacrifice?

    We may not say it or even know consciously but I believe that it is that we care for our fellow man and that starts with our family and members of our company. When one of our own members need help, especially for a mayday, we are willing to make great sacrifices. We carry out what we are taught, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." or another sign of sacrifice is: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters."

    We make sacrifices by rolling out for calls, when the thermometer does not even come close to see 0 degrees, when it is just so hot that we are sweating even before putting on our gear. We make sacrifices by giving up our sleep to respond to calls. We sacrifice our bodies when we refuse to take care of ourselves and still handle calls when sick or injured. We always are willing to go, no matter what.

    Let us remember all the sacrifies that were made by our brothers. Those who have gone into a burning building, when a brother is trapped or those whose may stay in a building past the time that is safe. We look at the gain versus the risk, but many times we risk our lives, to save another's life.

    Those who have served in the military are willing to make sacrifices for freeedom, and for that we should always say 'Thank You!" This month is the time that we also remember other sacrifices, especially the sacrifice that was made for us 2015 years ago, when Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again. So many of us forget that sacrifice. He risk His life so that the gain for all would be great, all we have to do is to be willing to accept the gift that He gave to us through His sacrifice. Would we be willing to be tortured and nailed to a cross, when we know that we are innocent?

    ***Used with written permission from the author.  Original source:  http://www.1rbn.com/webpages/news/displaynews.aspx?PT=columns&cat=ChaplainsCorner&ID=7f7e2c10-4ed1-419a-b831-1ba43e3b9258