Stress, Compassion & Fatigue

Two-Day Course: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Course LengthTwo-Day Course: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Stress, Compassion & Fatigue

This course offers information and exploration of traumatic stress and how to build personal resilience and protect yourself and those around you from the most harmful effects. The course will also explore the phenomenon of compassion fatigue for caring professionals. The course will offer practical assistance for building and fostering resilience to keep first responders, chaplains, health care and mental health professionals and other caregivers healthy and functional while performing their jobs. The course will also offer insights for those in leadership to identify risk factors and warning signs of those suffering from high levels of critical incident stress or compassion fatigue. Participants will complete personal assessments and create a self-care plan to increase fitness on the job and at home to encourage a healthy work and life balance

What You'll Learn

  • Better articulate the history, causes, treatment and prevention of work-related stress for professional caregivers;
  • Identify the true causes of stress in personal and professional life;
  • Demonstrate skills for successful self-regulation of anxiety, no matter the external context;
  • Assess perceptions of adverse relationships and set boundaries and expectations;
  • Assess meaningful relationships that encourage growth and promote resilience;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary decrease the symptoms of work-related stress anxiety and fatigue through enhanced resiliency;
  • Utilize self-regulation, spiritual resourcing and perceptual maturation skills to significantly lessen the negative effects of work; and
  • Develop a self-directed Professional Resiliency Plan that can be easily integrated into professional practice and personal life.