Marine Veteran A Hero: Saved Trapped Driver From Drowning

July 7, 2021

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While driving along Highway H near Sedalia, Missouri, Zac Walton saw something unexpected. “In that small area that I could see, I saw a truck coming down the hill and it missed the curve and then it disappeared from view – and it all happened really fast.” Not really doubting his eyes, Zac said, “I was wondering what I even just saw. It took me a second to process.” Then his response quickly went into high gear. He stopped his vehicle and called 911. Next, he ran to where the truck ran off the road.

Looking way down, he saw part of the truck was submerged in a ditch, “and the cab was all crumpled up.” Zac didn’t hear anyone calling for help, so he made his way down to the wreck site. Admittedly, “I was pretty scared to look inside, but I heard a moan, so I looked in and saw there was a young man pinned in there.” There was no way to pull him out because of the crash damage. “Pretty much all I could do for him was hold him by the shoulder and make sure his face didn’t go in the water.” Zac prayed “for him to be okay and make it” and talked to the trapped driver, who was not coherent. He’d later learn the driver was named Caden. Although injured, and difficult for rescuers to extricate, Caden was not critically injured. 

Zac noted that he had taken a road he didn’t ordinarily use as he connected with Highway H and “I figured that I was there for a reason,” and that whoever was driving “probably meant the whole world to somebody else.” Zac was not really concerned about his own safety, “cause I know that God’s kept me safe before and if He put me there for a reason, I was going to be okay.” Zac, a Marine veteran, sees that some of his military experience may have helped, “but I just give the credit to God for what I was able to do for him.” 

Pettis County, Missouri, Sheriff Brad Anders says, "This is nothing short of a miracle..." and he adds, “Zac Goss Walton, you are a hero. Caden is with us today because of your courage and empathy for your fellow man. In almost 20 years of law enforcement, in my experience, nobody should have survived that crash.”

Zac hesitates to call himself a hero, like many in Pettis County now do. In true humility, he just feels he did something God had for him to do. He also stresses the importance and skills of the rescue team that responded.

In our podcast just below, hear Zac’s own description of the intense rescue and also learn what Zac’s plans for the future are:

Sedalia & Georgetown, Missouri
[Photo Credit: Google Maps] Sedalia & Georgetown, Missouri
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