Matthew West is a super successful Christian music artist who lends his talent and support to select ministries and projects that help others. “What separates Christian music from the rest of the world is God at work through the lyrics and the melodies, shooting straight to the hearts of people.” And when a song he has written and performed can be of benefit to an outreach helping others, Matthew is often willing to come alongside and lend his name and talent to their project. 

That’s the case with a ministry called Cancer Companions

On their web site, they offer hope and practical help: “Cancer Companions has Christian Bible Studies available in 21 states and online for any cancer patients, survivor, caregivers and loved ones.” Bible studies are often available at churches, where specific cancer support, including prayer, is offered.

When it comes to the anxiety that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis, Matthew looks at it this way: “I really think it does revolve around that word uncertainty. The unknown. A cancer diagnosis means you’re about to walk a road. It’s a road you’ve never walked before and you don’t know how long that road is going to take you. You don’t know what’s on the other side of it, so my heart goes out to anybody who’s dealing with a cancer diagnosis,” Matthew speaks from his heart.

As for the ongoing COVID situation, Matthew shares that “this past year of the pandemic has been a great opportunity for me to sort of get my priorities in check and sort of come off the road for a little while and take a deep breath and reexamine what matters. And I think that’s a good key for all of us in our lives to just make sure that we’re always checking our priorities, always checking our motivations, and then taking some inventory and making the changes that need to be made.” 

In our podcast below, hear our full interview with Matthew West and learn which scripture keeps him going and gives him spiritual energy. Be encouraged by the thoughts of this gifted musician.