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Very high quality course. Excellent presenter, useful and practical information. Thank you so much for making this available to us at no cost to us.

Amy Washington - Chicago CPS

Thank you for your excellent review as well as some new helpful steps for the casualty/Response Personnel.

Jim Wallace - Chief, Emergency Services

This was one of the toughest workshops I've attended, but very informative and necessary for the work I do with the Red Cross.

Michelle Mugge, LPC - American Red Cross

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Helping First Responders Release Their Pain

Admin for Disaster Resource Guide

According to Global News, at least four Canadian first responders have committed suicide since the beginning of this year. The data comes from the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, an organization which also reports 34 first responders have killed themselves since April 29, 2014.

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It’s All About T.R.U.S.T!

Proactive and Resilient CISM teams do not just happen. Team members rarely show up at our doorstep prepared and ready to go as independent CISM support providers.  Instead, it is our job as CISM team leaders to mentor them, establish clear protocols, and set high expectations for each individual team member and the team as a whole.

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What Does Sacrifice Look Like?

Didymus McHugh

There are many ways of sacrifice and for different reasons.  When we join the fire service, we do not know all the sacrifice that we will be making. We sacrifice our time going to classes, time away from our loved ones, when we are on duty or get called in for extra duty of filling in for someone that banged out sick. We sacrifice money to help those in need, our talents helping rebuild communities that have been affected by fire or disasters that we have responded to.

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The K-LOVE Crisis Response Training (CRT) is about impacting community through Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training and helping to create a network of first responders within the community that will be useful in a time of need or disaster. 

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