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The Instructors are experts in their field. The workbooks will prove to be helpful resources. The class videos were about real people in grief. Thank you for a valuable two days!

Dave Crosson, Law Enforcement Chaplain

These were great classes and very informative. The instructors gave personal, real-world examples of how to use CISM techniques!

J.C. Madison, Nevada Highway Patrol

The training is delivered by inspiring and dynamic instructors. It is for anyone who will come in contact with those who mourn.

K. Semple, Montana City Volunteer Fire Dept.

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Breaking Up With My PTSD

Donna Syed

My almost life-long companion and I are actually breaking up. I should be more specific. What I’m breaking up with is more exactly known as C-PTSD, a form of PTSD. I think we’re in the final stages of our separation. It’s been a long and drawn-out breakup because that’s how it goes with C-PTSD. Once you get to know it well, you practice breaking up with it every day. Some days require more sorting out and negotiation than others.

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Behavioral Health - Minding Stress on the Job

Carole Patterson, PhD,  Sarah Gleacher, MD, and Spencer Eth, MD

From the end of 2001 through 2004, more than 2,000 FDNY-related people were seen for public education and individual and group counseling.    
Our research found that, in addition to exposures related to 9/11, participants experienced an average of four or five prior potentially traumatic stressors.

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Emergency Preparedness: Wireless Tips to Help You Stay Connected

by Michael Murphy

Any time of year can bring unexpected weather. At best, those events inconvenience citizens and at worst, they can become life-threatening situations.

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The K-LOVE Crisis Response Training (CRT) is about impacting community through Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training and helping to create a network of first responders within the community that will be useful in a time of need or disaster. 

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